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What is Alpha X all about?

Alpha X is an international team that is passionate about Starcraft 2. We believe strongly in fostering a positive atmosphere and good sportsmanship. We support the scene and its players by creating event based content while also being committed to developing Starcraft 2 talent from our pro players like Astrea, Zoun, RagnaroK and Future down to young players like 13 year old GM toss Arrogfire.

How can I join the team?

Our team has players of all skill levels and do not restrict admission based on that. We do, however, require you to be active on your account. If you would like more information about this, please join our discord and follow the instructions in the welcome message. Discord-

What tournaments do you run?

Since we are an events based e-sports team, we regularly run events ourselves. From in-house tournaments to large professional level tournaments. You can read more about our events here:

Where can I watch your streams?

Depending on the event, you can find our streams below: Twitch- Trovo- AfreecaTV- You can also find all vod's uploaded on our Youtube channel-

Will your team ever play other games?

Yes, we are considering some other titles at the moment! Stay tuned!

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